About Us

Weave Consult was founded in 2008.  Our team of highly experienced freelance experts have worked in the UK and internationally in Asia, Europe and North America in commercial roles and in forging educational partnerships.  We work together because we enjoy it and have a shared passion for our work!

We work with businesses, third sector organisations, industry associations, universities and the public sector on a range of projects.  Sector experience includes:

  • textiles
  • creative industries
  • tourism
  • heritage
  • education
  • transportation
  • education

Feedback from a business client:

It made such a difference to work with someone who actually understands and has contacts in my sector.  I was buzzing with energy and thoughts of how to take things forward, so thank you for being so positive!

and from a leading university:

Your input and skill has been instrumental in developing this project, including bringing the disparate parties together and developing a coherent plan to engage commercial and educational interests and attract funding.  We couldn’t have got this far without you.

For more information on our work and testimonials please contact us.